About Sea Tutors

We are an award-winning private tutoring company, specialising in full-time service for those who travel extensively.

Sea Tutors has been created by the prestigious team at Tutors International to provide an academic structure to life on the ocean waves.

A special approach

Tutoring positions aboard differ from land-based positions in many ways and successful placements require expertise that can only come from experience.

Over the years, we have provided elite tutoring services for families who choose to spend some time away from their usual environment. Incorporating over 30 years’ of knowledge of tutoring placements, Sea Tutors is perfectly positioned to offer the same quality education while travelling on a yacht as can be achieved in a fixed location.

A unique expertise

Some of our requests have included full-time schooling including exam preparation, support for children with learning differences such as dyslexia and dyspraxia, creating a project-based curriculum that relates to the travel environment, or elements of all of these. Whatever you need, we can source the ideal teacher.

Not only do we know about all aspects of education, but Sea Tutors also has first-hand experience of life at sea, with two of our full time staff and many of our tutors having personal yacht experience.

Award Winning Private Tuition Company

Tutoring Company of the Year in the Corporate LiveWire Global Awards 2023/24

31,287 nominations were received by the awards team at Corporate LiveWire from over 36 countries around the world. Winners were chosen for innovation, ethical practice, industry recognition, and most importantly service excellence.

The judging panel was particularly impressed by the efforts made at Sea Tutors to personalise the tutoring they offer, resulting in students being able to access learning whatever their ability or approach to academic work. Sea Tutors excels in matching families with the best tutors, ensuring that each tutor is meticulously handpicked to align with the unique needs and preferences of each student. The key to their success lies in a bespoke approach to tutoring, acknowledging the distinctiveness of each family and student. The tutors, aside from being outstanding educators with impressive subject knowledge, often bring additional qualifications and experiences to the table, allowing them to fully harness the learning potential of the voyage.

Adam Caller, CEO, commented,

"It's a testament to the customized, deeply engaging tutoring experiences we've crafted aboard our clients' sea voyages."
Read the full write-up from the judging panel

Best Specialist Private Tuition Company 2023 in the UK

Sea Tutors has been recognised as the "Best Specialist Private Tuition Company 2023 - UK" in Corporate Vision Magazine's Education and Training Awards.

Adam Caller, the founder of Tutors International and Sea Tutors, expressed his gratitude, stating:

“It is with pride that we accept this award. This signifies the dedication and innovation we have harboured at Sea Tutors and the transformative learning experiences we have cultivated for our students at sea. This recognition fuels our commitment to continue forging new frontiers in elite private tuition.”

The award marks a significant milestone in Sea Tutors' commitment to providing an exceptional learning experience in the most unique of settings, upon the ocean waves.

“This recognition reflects our commitment to offering unparalleled educational experiences on the high seas. We recommend families considering this enriching endeavour to contact us as soon as possible. By doing so, we can ensure the perfect alignment of tutors who are adept in their fields and the perfect match to cater to your unique educational aspirations.”

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