Who are we

Sea Tutors fills a specialist niche in the private tutoring sector. It has been created by the prestigious team at Tutors International to provide an academic structure to life on the ocean waves. Tutoring positions aboard differ from land-based positions in many ways and successful placements require expertise that can only come from experience.

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What we do

Sea Tutors specialises in finding the very best tutors matched to your requirements. Whether you have specific subjects in mind, or want a tutor to deliver a rounded curriculum which takes advantage of changing surroundings, we will find the tutor that fits your plans and exceeds your expectations.

From geology and science lessons on the slopes of a volcano, to helping students write and perform their own Greek tragedies while cruising the Mediterranean, Sea Tutors will make the most of any setting, absorbing the local geography and culture into their lessons. Wherever you take them, Sea Tutors make the world their classroom.

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We have specialist knowledge in the field of education and private tutoring, boasting over 30 years combined experience in the sector.

Our expertise is varied, covering a diverse range of education scenarios including full-time schooling, exam preparation and learning differences, such as ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia.


Several members of our core team have first-hand experience of life at sea, with two members having competed in prestigious long-distance sailing races.

Over the years, we have provided elite tutoring services for numerous families who wish to spend some time away from their usual environment.


Our contracts have taken tutors across the world, travelling by both sea and land.

Having a private tutor on board opens the doors to adventure, both for your children’s education and for the family as a whole; and Sea Tutors provide the best adventure in education that there is.