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Sea Tutors

We are an award-winning elite private tutoring company, specialising in full-time private tuition for those who travel extensively.
Sea Tutors fills a specialist niche in the private tutoring sector. It has been created by the prestigious team at Tutors International to provide an academic structure to life on the ocean waves. Tutoring positions aboard differ from land-based positions in many ways and successful placements require expertise that can only come from experience.

A perfect match

Sea Tutors specialises in finding the very best tutors matched to your requirements. Whether you have specific subjects in mind, or want a tutor to deliver a rounded curriculum which takes advantage of changing surroundings, we will find the tutor that fits your plans and exceeds your expectations.

The world is your classroom

From geology and science lessons on the slopes of a volcano, to helping students write and perform their own Greek tragedies while cruising the Mediterranean, Sea Tutors will make the most of any setting, absorbing the local geography and culture into their lessons. Wherever you take them, Sea Tutors make the world their classroom.

Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD and specific needs

We can ensure a tutor has the appropriate experience and specialist training for any specialist educational need.

25 years of service
Our parent company, Tutors International, was founded in Oxford in 1999.
Best Specialist Private Tuition Company
Corporate Vision Awards, UK
45 000+ tutors
Extensive and growing database of tutors.
Extraordinary clients
Successfully solving unique and complex cases around the world.
Tutoring Company of the Year
Corporate LiveWire Global Awards
550+ tutor placements
Each placement had unique requirements.
850 000+ student-hours
...and counting!

Travelling tutors

Many of our clients have multiple homes or travel a lot. A full-time travel tutor provides consistency for students and families accustomed to this lifestyle.

Several members of our core team have first-hand experience of life at sea, some having competed in prestigious long-distance sailing races.

Over the years, we have provided elite tutoring services for numerous families who wish to spend some time away from their usual environment.

Whether you plan to spend the majority of your voyage on the open seas, or to use your yacht to move from one location to another exploring the coastline, we can find the ideal Tutor.

Pacific Odyssey

Pacific Odyssey

Three kids - Full-time Oceanic Schooling

On a year-long odyssey across the Pacific, a family embarked with a clear educational mission for their kids. The children were to be homeschooled on the yacht, aiming for successful entry into London’s elite private schools. Sea Tutors rose to the challenge, appointing a teaching duo capable of balancing the rigors of academic subjects with the fluidity of a nautical environment. Their approach was innovative, blending traditional education with travel experiences. The outcome was extraordinary: each kid was admitted to their top-choice school.

Mediterranean Journey

Mediterranean Journey

Girls (11, 10, 8) - Full-time Education at Sea

Embarking on a Mediterranean voyage for a year, a family sought to educate their daughters, aged 11, 10, and 8, aboard their yacht. Their objective: to prepare for the competitive entrance exams of prestigious private girls’ schools. Sea Tutors sourced a dedicated teaching couple, adept in multi-level education, to provide a comprehensive and tailored curriculum. This unique learning experience, which seamlessly integrated with the maritime lifestyle, resulted in each daughter excelling in their entrance exams and securing places at their first-choice schools.

South Pacific

South Pacific

Boys (4, 5) - Full-time Private Tuition

In an extraordinary journey through the South Pacific, two young boys engaged in homeschooling while traveling. Their experiences were far from ordinary, including horseback riding on beaches, exploring active volcanoes, trekking through jungles, climbing waterfalls, and immersing in traditional villages to observe cultural rituals like spirit dances and land-jumping. These experiences, narrated by their Tutor, highlight the exceptional and hands-on learning opportunities that come with combining education and travel.


Our extraordinary approach leads to extraordinary outcomes. Reviews from our Clients commend and celebrate the life-changing impact that our tutors and expertise have had on their families.
We are very happy with our tutor, he and [The Student] work so well together. We wish him to continue. He is absolutely brilliant. If our plans change in any way, as we know they can, we will certainly use your services again. It has been an extremely positive experience for us all.
Yacht, Sea
Once we finish this trip it is our intention for [The Student] to return to school full time from September as he will be entering high school. [The Student] has learnt so much from this experience and [The Tutor] has been an incredible teacher. His and [The Student]’s relationship has been very positive.
Yacht, Pacific
It was an incredible experience we had and I’m still getting used to the fact of being back in Portland and our old routine. My kids learned a lot travelling with the tutor. Their school work improved also. I’m sure the effects will continue to show as time passes.
Travelling, Europe

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